How I’ve ended up being in San Francisco and working in tech.

San Francisco City Hall, Mykolaiv City Council, and Buckingham Palace
My last stand. Mykolaiv, Ukraine, May 18, 2011
A couple pages from the book
An example of a simple program, which converts temperature from/to Fahrenheit/Celsius. Image was taken from here

There’s no way to get rid of your true childhood dream, and I wanted to be a programmer.

My first work day as a coder was on April 4th, (4.04 looks similar to HTTP 404 status code. It’s another sign of the right way)

Just like tech industry is dedicated to make future present, I also wish to dedicate my life to future, not to the past. From a historian, I became a futurist.

My score for WordPress APIs test on oDesk, October 2014
In the moment before sunset, Koh Tao, Thailand, 2014
On WPSFO meetup, San Francisco, June 8, 2016
Brainstorming idea of a startup, @ home
The SentiSum team on a Batch 20 Companies Wall
Five Hundred Strong
500 Startups Batch 20 Moments
We played ping-pong with Scott Farquhar, Co-founder of Atlassian

All work and no joy makes Jack a dull boy. I will advise: don’t work for an early stage startup unless you are a founder of it.

Inside the Holberton School

I believe that knowledge of the fundamentals will help me to pursue my dream. That’s why I’m going to the Holberton School.

That’s all folks, Peace and Love



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