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  • Myk Pono

    Myk Pono

    Marketing & Product Growth β€” mykpono.com β€” @mykpono

  • Denys Zhadanov

    Denys Zhadanov

    Vice President at @Readdle, a company behind popular productivity apps with 100M users (Spark, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Documents). Tech and inspiration.

  • adrian cockcroft

    adrian cockcroft

    Work: Amazon Sustainability (ex AWS, Battery Ventures, Netflix, eBay, Sun Microsystems, CCL)

  • Amy M Haddad

    Amy M Haddad

    Programmer and Writer: amymhaddad.com | programmerspyramid.com | @amymhaddad

  • Tamara Koliada

    Tamara Koliada

  • Marvin Liao

    Marvin Liao

    Ever curious: Tsundoku, Reader, Aspiring Shokunin, World traveller, Investor & Tech/Media exec interested in almost everything! www.marvinliao.com

  • Alex Zamkovoi

    Alex Zamkovoi

    Ukrainian about Ukraine. Author of Ukrainian Unleashed podcast (https://linktr.ee/uaunleashed). Journalist and economic observer.

  • Magdim Metshin

    Magdim Metshin

    Serial Entrepreneur and Marketer. Founder of 7 Epic Agency. Co-Producer of Global Blockchain Forum. Former head of Marketing at Propy. The inventor of iCups

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